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Nonresident Pharmacies Serving Maryland Residents Must Comply With Maryland Law

Effective October 1, 2012, non (Maryland) resident pharmacies who serve Maryland customers must have a pharmacist on staff who is licensed by the Maryland Board of Pharmacy and must refer all Maryland patients to that pharmacist. In addition, those pharmacies must comply with Maryland law, specifically Md.
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What does it mean when a minority-owned business is decertified as a minority business enterprise (“MBE”) in Baltimore City?

According to the Baltimore City Code, an MBE is decertified when a determination is made that the business no longer meets certification criteria.  In essence, when an MBE is decertified, a determination has been made that the MBE (1) is no longer is an independent, operating business;
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Employers Can’t Discourage Employees From Jury Service

Effective October 1, 2012, an employer can’t deprive an individual of employment or coerce, intimidate, or threaten to discharge an employee due to time lost because of court mandated jury service. The new legislation prohibits an employer from requiring an employee who spends four or more hours
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