Advising University and College Administrators in the Wake of Penn State

While there have always been legal issues for college and university administrators, in the wake of Penn State, administrators are now under more scrutiny than ever.  Turning a blind eye to any potential legal problem is not an option.  They must understand the issues, take proactive measures to prevent problems from occurring, and should a problem occur, ensure it is handled properly.  

PK Law’s Education Group represents the majority of the Boards of Education in the State of Maryland, a number of colleges, universities and private schools throughout Maryland, and advises educators across the nation on a variety of topics.  Below are ten issues that have been identified by the PK Law Education Group as the most significant legal issues college and university administrators are faced with today.  Having a clear understanding of each of these topics and understanding how to avoid the potential legal pitfalls associated with each is crucial. 

  1. Intellectual Property Problems:  Copyright Violations
  2. Public Information Request
  3. Open Meeting Law
  4. Employee Relations (Collective Bargaining)
  5. Student Records (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (“FERPA”)
  6. Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972
  7. Race and Diversity in Admissions and Hiring
  8. ADA/Section 504 Compliance
  9. Legal Exposure for Minors on Campus
  10. Discrimination Claims by Faculty and Staff

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