And They’re Off!! The Maryland Legislative Session Has Begun

Maryland has begun its legislative session and PK Law is monitoring bills of interest.  Bear in mind that the session is early on and many changes may take place during the 90 days the General Assembly is seated.  Here are some Bills which have been introduced which may interest our readers:

Bill (House-HB, Senate-SB)

Brief Description


State Minimum Wage.  Proposes to do away with “phase in” of the increased Minimum Wage from last year.


Chesapeake Bay Bridge Toll Collection.  Requires electronic payment to cross the Bay Bridge except for a single cash lane.


Privacy of Education Records.  Places limits on the disclosure of student information.


Allowance of Funeral Expenses.  Increases the amount of funeral expenses that can be claimed as an estate administration expense.


Credit for Long Term Care Insurance Premiums.  Altering a limitation on claiming the income tax credit for eligible long-term care insurance premiums 

SB 23

Estates-Statement of Compensation and Reporting of Income.  Requires a Register of Wills to provide a statement to an estate’s personal representative as to the compensation allowed to him or her and requires its reporting to the tax authorities.


Maximum Speed Limit on Highways.  Increases the speed limit from 65 mph to 70 mph on certain highways.


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