In the Wake of July’s Storms – You May Want to Get to Know One

By Brian S. Goodman, Esq.                     

While many people may not even know who or what they are, in light of the recent storms that passed through Maryland earlier this month, and with predictions of more severe weather for the summer season, it may be time to find and introduce yourself to one.  Who are they?  Public Adjusters

What do they do?

Public adjusters, often confused with claims adjusters, do not work for insurance companies.  Rather, they work directly for the consumer – independent of the insurance company.  All public adjusters in Maryland are required to be licensed by the Maryland Insurance Administration, and are hired directly by you (not your insurance carrier) to assess and appraise damage, prepare a cost to repair or replace estimate, prepare an inventory, and process claim documentation for submission to your insurance carrier.  If negotiation with your insurance company’s claims adjuster is required, the public adjuster can negotiate on your behalf.  You pay for the public adjuster’s services, but ultimately the savings to you can be significant.  

Maryland Insurance Commissioner Therese Goldsmith in an article that appeared in the Insurance Journal, provided additional information on public adjusters and suggestions for homeowners when deciding whether to repair or rebuild.  For additional inquiries regarding public adjusters contact PK Law Member Brian S. Goodman, Esq. at