Opportunities Expanded for Maryland Small Businesses

Effective October 1, 2012, the definition of a small business for purposes of participation in Maryland’s Small Business Reserve Program has been significantly expanded. Small business under the program is now defined as a certified minority business enterprise, as defined in Md. Code Ann. [Fin. & Proc.] Section 14-301, or a business that is independently owned or operated, not a subsidiary, not dominate in its field of operation and does not employ more than the designated number of persons or the gross sales of the business does not exceed more than the designated amount for a specific industry within the defined period of time. Md. Code Ann. [Fin. & Proc.] Section 14-501. The prior law made it necessary for the business to meet both the number of employed persons and the gross sales requirements in order to qualify as a small business under the program.

The Maryland Small Business Reserve Program is a race neutral program intended to reduce the impact of discrimination against minority and women owned businesses. The reserve is made up of those Maryland government procurements that are limited to responses from small businesses. Section 14-501. Each of Maryland’s procurement units is required to put procedures in place to achieve a minimum of 10% of its total dollar value of goods, supplies, services, maintenance, construction, construction-related services, and architectural and engineering service contracts to be made directly to small businesses. Section 14-502(c)

For more information about The Maryland Small Business Reserve Program (www.emaryland.buyspeed.com/bso/), qualifying, certification, renewal or the bidding process, contact PK Law Business Attorney Gregory Weiner at gweiner@pklaw.com or 410-339-5785.