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What is a joint venture and how is it counted towards minority business enterprise (“MBE”) participation goals in Baltimore City?

Under the Baltimore City Code, a joint venture is an association between at least two (2) business enterprises that provides for the sharing of economic interest. Generally, the joint venture is entered into for mutual benefit with the understanding that each business enterprise in the joint venture is to share in its profits and losses. […]

What rights of appeal does a minority-owned business have in the event it is decertified as a minority business enterprise (“MBE”) in Baltimore City?

To be certified as an MBE in Baltimore City, the business must be independent; at least 51% minority owned; been minority-owned for at least 12 months and been in operation for at least 12 months.  The minority owner must also demonstrate sufficient control of the business. Baltimore City’s Minority and Women’s Business Opportunity Office (“MWBOO”) […]

What is the personal net worth statement for purposes of eligibility for certification as a disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE) in the State of Maryland?

A business seeking certification as a DBE in the State of Maryland must apply to Maryland Department of Transportation’s Office of Minority Business Enterprise.  Firms certified as DBEs may participate on U.S. Department of Transportation-assisted contracts administered by the Maryland State Highway Administration, Maryland Aviation Administration and Maryland Transit Administration. As part of the application […]