ELA Spring 2012 Regional Meeting at George Washington University

Education Law Association’s Spring 2012 Regional Meeting at George Washington University

Leslie R. Stellman, Esquire will be speaking on Copyright Issues in Schools:

  • Knowledge of copyright and other intellectual property is necessary to prevent educators from violating the law! When may you use limited copyrighted material and open educational resources? In addition, this session includes a discussion of current sample policies regarding online course development as well as content and delivery methods for both K-12 and higher education application. This presentation discusses various aspects of intellectual property protection and ownership.

Edmund J. O’Meally, Esquire will be speaking on Liability Issues in Higher Education:

  • In addition to what has been presented and discussed in the earlier sessions, higher education shows recent legal trends of liability of employees and school officials. Discussion includes what bullying, hazing, and other harassment legislation and court cases mean in terms of liability. This session explores these areas and encourages discussion of varying facts and potential outcomes.

Program beings at 8am.