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PK Law’s Wealth Preservation attorneys help clients to focus their financial management and estate planning goals and provide effective solutions to reach those goals while minimizing taxes. We recognize that there is no set formula or single approach that works for everyone. Our experience is both broad and deep, allowing us to meet the needs of every client, no matter what their situation or the size of their estate.

Our planning focuses on six key issues:

  1. Getting to Know the Client and the Family. It all starts here, because even the most sophisticated planning cannot be effective without understanding your particular situation, problems and goals.
  2. Pre-Crisis Planning – We are able to answer questions you may not have even asked yet, and plan ahead to address issues before they become expensive problems.
  3. Minimizing Taxes – We realize the importance of reducing or eliminating taxes, and we are good at it; but we also know how to integrate tax savings into an overall plan that makes sense for you and accomplishes all of your objectives.
  4. Asset Management – We look down the road to create a method you are comfortable with for transitioning the management of your assets.
  5. Long Term Care – The prospect of long-term care is a certainty for some clients, merely a possibility for others; but it should be considered in every estate plan. PK Law is a leader in all aspects of long-term care planning, including insurance, residence and benefit program options, protecting assets for the community spouse, and expediting eligibility for Medicaid.
  6. Probate Avoidance – We employ Revocable Living Trusts and other planning techniques to avoid the expense and hassle of probate in appropriate cases.

Wealth Preservation Services Include: Elder Care; Estate Planning; Guardianship; and Probate and Estate Administration.

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